5 easy ways to make money

1: dating method
Well, with this method since I registered.
Basically, choose a pair (max 3) of the offering to pay $ 10 all together. Make a immediate ebooksales page. Ebook should be about how to find Hot Girls Online. Let's say that more than 2000 people have successfully used this method. And then put a really high price. Like $ 300 for an ebook. Then some PLR to online dating. Now go to Craigslist, Gumtree or any other online advertising site. Whichever goto "freebie" section and the ad where you affirm that you will distribute your ebook to 3 men. State normal price. Or you can go to the "Men seeking women" section and start answering ads, saying something like: Hi, I will not pretend that I am a hot woman and by trying to get them to sign with some dating offers. Explain that you are on-line marketing, which has a lot of success with women. In fact, you write an ebook on "online dating", which sells for $ 300. Then ask them to register with these 3 dating sites and explain to them that they are still valid for every free registration. Tell them that would be really grateful if you would sign and that will help you get some money. And as a thank you would be willing to give the ebook you are selling for $ 300 free. Now this kind of sounds ridiculous, but converted like crazy. I think it was something really fresh and as people appreciated some honesty.

2: "free music" method.

Ok You must be logged into the network that have with Napster and eMusic offers. These offers pay somewhere between $ 7-12 U.S. dollars, if I remember correctly. The payout for a free trial. After that goto gumtree or CL , etc., and after the "freebie" section proverb a little like that you have discovered a really cool trick to get free legal music. Say you love music and this trick to save you hundreds of dollars. With this trick you can get the old and new music alike. Because you do not want this method to obtain a saturated people will e-mail if you want to know the method. After the e-mail: Explain to them that they must sign up with eMusic and Napster or both through this link. The free trial, allowing them to download unlimited music downloads for 2 weeks. Again, very simple, but it translates really well.

3: " Coupon /Voucher" method.

Stumble on little offers that are like e-mail submit a bid or 1to2 pages. Would be fine if payment $1.50,$2. At this instant go for the "freebies" on page advert or several "freebie" forums. Say you have $ 500 coupons for Walmart, or whatever your menu states. If you want to know how you got them, you must e-mail. When they do, tell them that you got from this site (your AFF link) And here's the trick, though. If you fill in the menu, and then transfer it to 5-10 other friends that have 20 times higher chance of winning it. Since every one of their friends to fill it to be credited, and moves to the "ladder" and everything goes his friend to his / her friends, they will move a bit higher as well. So now I had several offers, which are spread. That was cool, because sometimes weeks after I stopped with a specific offer of a sudden I started going, because someone sent it to your friends, etc.

A cool thing about this is that once you fill it and send it to his / her friends, its very likely that friends fill it out, because trust is a relationship between them.

4: "work" method.

Ok, that was scary job a while ago. This could be saturated little something I saw someone doing something similar. But as for me when I did, it was great to work with. Basically you have to choose 3 or so dating has to offer. For each tender, which really pays for registration on the Web and create a profile, etc. The total payout would be like $ 10 - $ 15 Country you are look to employ somebody with awfully minute technical knowledge to point testers. In fact, their work will be assessing and monitoring the site for errors and typos, etc. They will have to test the functionality of the site and see if everything runs smoothly. Pay by on-site review and make it look attractive. When people contact you to explain that they do not get many applicants, so they have a high chance of getting a job. First, tell them to log in 3 pages (your AFF links) and on the following pages will need to test functionality. This means that they will have to upload pictures, create profiles like messaging system via the Web. Indeed everything.Tell test is that you know exactly how many "mistakes" is so all you have to do is get back to you with a number of "errors" found. Do what will make them look legit active management. It is a method that works surprisingly in the offline world. Such as newspapers, etc.

5: Freelance method
Go to the intersection Commission and ask for "freelance" offer. In principle, it pays about $ 9 per person, which registers instead. Now go to the forum or CL, etc., and claim that you are looking designed website (can be any work. For example, articles written, etc.) basically sound like a noob. For example, say that it should be written 10 500 words articles. And you'll pay $ 35 for each article. When people contact you, tell them they will only accept if it is to register with their "freelance" position and apply over it. Explain to them that it is for security, so if something goes wrong, it will record your interviews, etc. And of course every time you do, you get paid.