Ways to make money this summer

One clear result of the economic recession, which resulted in a decline in retail sales, is that the American handbags harm from unemployment, loss of stock markets and other economic factors.

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Other ways to earn some extra money this summer:

- Offer a house sitting for friends when they leave town - If you have pets, it will cost less than eating and quiet is something real value.

- Mow some lawns - It may sound trite, but why not? You can do this weekend, and get some good exercise.

- Share your knowledge - charged with teachers and college grads should visit places such as Tutor.com (www.tutor.com) and the universal class (www.universalclass.com). You can register here and sometimes make more than $ 20/hr.

With the economy struggling and holidays around the corner, the money will become a growing concern for almost every American. The average American spends more than $ 1,500 during the holiday season on everything from gifts to food to decorations. Why not use some new ideas this year and earn some extra money. All we need. So visit my friends in the articles and re-sell your mobile phone.