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How to earn money with his blog?

Earn revenue from his blog is a subject that interests me greatly since the inception of my blog.

For some time, I think you make my comments about it, but I did not find you the ideal way to share my thoughts it all started after attending the conference 10 predictions for 2012 from Deloitte, which took place at the Delta Quebec in early. This is the ticket monetizing a Blog in Canada: It is Not Like in the USA! Kim Vallee's knowledge in Montreal, which gave me an interesting idea for writing my article.

It is difficult for Canadians to earn a living through their blog.

I concur with Kim Vallee. It is difficult for Canadians to earn a living with their blogs. This is not like the United States have begun to pay bloggers earlier than Canada.

Nevertheless, since 2010, I have several experiences with this new market in Niviti and MacQuébec. I was paid to write, for example, some notes on my blog. And just like Kim Vallee, I noticed that Quebec businesses and brands are beginning to recognize the potential. Social media has already been allocated to other bloggers who are likely to have a budget.

So how to make money with your blog?

Through my blog and that of MacQuébec, I tested some tracks that have given me results. I'll share them.

Please note that I am not an expert in this area, and I do not earn a living with my blog. Even though I have some experience, I feel that I have much to learn.

Have a blog that you like.

I think having a blog that you like and which deals with topics that interest you actually will help you to more easily maintain and attract businesses and brands in line with your interests, passions and industry. This will also help the reader to trust you when you suggest companies purchase or useful resources that can help them solve a problem, because your content will have some credibility and consistency.

I myself have been through Niviti, writing assignments articles on my blog where I talked to entrepreneurial initiatives or course of entrepreneurs. I had a lot of fun doing it, because it is content that looks like me.

Agree to cooperate on other blogs

I am currently working on other blogs, and I noticed that this element is interesting to assess the value of a ticket. Indeed, for some of my clients it makes them happy to see the article, I wrote highlighting them will be found elsewhere and join a wider audience. While I agree that some blogs resume full content, I make sure to have some control over there myself transmit the items they can resume. Sometimes I even send them a modified version completely. For a client, for example, I published a post on my blog, and it was understood that this article would be published in several social media. He had raised very relevant comments and led me to write a new version of the article in the light reactions to one of the blogs that I accept the resumption of articles.

Use social networks

Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I sometimes repeat a few times some of my notes on my blog. This approach adds value to the items I produce for a client, because I give the most visibility possible. Create a discussion with an article on social media with a question while mentioning the name of a customer can also be an interesting avenue to add value to your service.

Make your blog attractive for advertisers

Show that advertisers can display ads on your blog by leaving spaces can be active with ads from Google Adsense pending. Furthermore, make sure that they are in line with the content you produce.


Be creative

I support Kim Vallée said he must use his creativity to add value to your money for writing articles. She cites, for example, the blog of Nicole Balch, which involves, among others, in drafting its articles, a photo and design of an event.

Be open for new opportunities

During the conference, 10 predictions for 2012, from Deloitte, it was discussed that the key to a successful on-line advertising campaign in social media remained from the hands of Canadian companies, and their advertising agencies need to develop new skills to take advantage of the increase in digital advertising. These statement shows, in my opinion, there are more openings than before for personalized advertising on-line.

I, for my part, received a few requests for publications occasion's text links in the right column of my blog and of MacQuébec. I am very careful with this form of advertising, because I think some questionable business, and I would not undermine the credibility of my blog. However, I seized good offers, and I strongly encourage you to remain open for brand new opportunities, as there are brands and companies are always looking forward to trying new possibilities.

What do you think? Have you ever won money with your blog? What are the benefits and opportunities that have been offered? Do you think there should be a greater awareness of this market?