How to encourage your existing customers to buy a new product?

Generally, entrepreneurs focus their efforts to attract new potential customers to their site. This work is very important for the functioning of your business, but you must not forget one thing: loyalty.

Too many sellers make the mistake of not caring for people once they have purchased their products. Instead, it is vital to build a strong relationship with your customers.

How to give confidence to your potential customers?

To develop a successful business in the long term, it is vital that your customers are satisfied with their purchase and have full confidence in you.

These two goals are not always obvious to achieve. However, depending on your market, competition can be fierce.

Indeed, depending on your product and your market, you only sell digital products. Your potential customer cannot touch or see the product before buying it.

Be honest and transparent.

If your product can help people to lose five pounds in a month, do not be tempted to say on your site, you will manage to lose more than five pounds in one week!

Always keep your promises.

If you make services, trying to meet deadlines and to complete the work, you have been asked.

The lie can help you earn money in the very short term. By cons, fast, dissatisfied customers will complain about your product on forums. With this kind of bad publicity, you will not succeed to sell more products. Moreover, you cannot sell any product. Your name will be treated as a scam.

Do better than your competitors.
It is easier to position its products or services based on those of its direct competitors. However, it will be difficult to stand out.

The smartest is to conduct research to find the weaknesses of its competitors: high prices, customer service non-existent or poor quality ...

This work should also be done according to the needs and expectations of your potential customers.
How to convert your prospects into loyal customers?
Make an effort throughout the design part of your site.

When you look at the packaging of different traditional businesses, generally they try to emphasize the concepts of:
Luxury (valid for certain products: Apple, Hermes ...)

There is another category of companies who prefer to emphasize the concept of discount.

If your pricing is not aggressive, it would be interesting to inspire the design of large companies online and offline. It is usually simple, but it inspires confidence. This is the result you should look for.

Add your photo.
This is the bare minimum.
Your potential customers will be able to put a face to your name. This may seem insignificant, but to give confidence to your prospects; it is a first step.

Make a video. The picture is a good thing, but a video has much more impact on your visitors. Initially prefer simplicity. The most important thing is to concentrate on storing your text to speak as naturally as possible.
How to improve the conversion rate of your website?
When we are about to buy a product, we always ask the questions:
This product will I get it really necessary?
Will it good quality?
The price is it too high?

A contact page add any information to contact you easily e-mail, telephone, Skype, address.
Your legal information normally, if you sell products on the Internet, you have created your business. You will need to add some data: the name or business name and registered office of your company, contact your hosting, the name of the director of the publication or the person responsible for writing ... If you have not yet created a business, think quickly to rectify your situation.

Add logos familiar. I think of the various logos of payment such as VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. When purchasing our product, the person must be reassured about the reliability of the payment system. Otherwise, it may leave your site for fear of being robbed its bank details.

Three techniques to give confidence to potential customers
For a potential customer decides to buy your product, it must have confidence in you.

Offer quality content.
Some vendors, such as only part visible on the Internet, the sales page of their product. If you are in this situation, it would make some changes to your strategy.


Try to get testimonials.
If you say on your sales page that your product is the best on the market, it will have less impact than if a customer says to you.
Seek advice to your clients.
Set up a customer service.
People are not always accustomed to make purchases on the Internet. Therefore, if your product needs to be downloaded, you may receive e-mails telling you they have a problem.