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You will need:

  • A valid email address (I suggest you create a free in provider as Yahoo or Hotmail)
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E-GOLD: https://www.e-gold.comV

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You will find below the links and email addresses of three persons.
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Then send an email to the third person on the list indicating in the subject I enrolled in the one person.
Now, copy and paste the entire message I wrote, create a file in notepad and save it.

Finally, on your new document, remove the first person (the first link with the person, or you are registered) go back to the other two positions 1 and 2, so the person will position 2 instead of 1 and the person in position three take the place of 2) and insert YOUR information ie position no. 3 your affiliate link obtained after registration at, and the email address that you used to do.

Be very careful, do not fool yourself by copying! Links and addresses, it is also better to copy and paste rather than copy the links and addresses, what are yours or those of two others?

Here! only 3 levels, not 6 or 10 or 20, just 3!
When YOUR address arrives in position n1, 27 people will be recorded using YOUR referral link!
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Your own registration = $ 100
1st level: 27 X $ 25 = $ 675 per member
2nd level: 729 X $ 25 = $ 18,225 per member
3rd level: 19,683 X $ 25 = $ 492,075 affiliated.

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