How to give confidence to your potential customers?

To develop a successful business in the long term, it is vital that your customers are satisfied with their purchase and have full confidence in you.

These two goals are not always obvious to achieve. However, depending on your market, competition can be fierce. To stand out, you must provide significant efforts on this aspect.

To understand, just take your experience as a consumer. How many times have you annoyed on the phone, because customer service was not up to it? When this happens, the credibility of the company down, and you try to find an alternative to buy your products.

On the Internet, it is slightly different ... And it is not in your favor.

Indeed, depending on your product and your market, you only sell digital products. Your potential customer cannot touch or see the product before buying. Therefore, it will be necessary to trust this person to facilitate its purchase.


Here are several tips.

Be honest and transparent.

If your product can help people to lose five pounds in a month, do not be tempted to say on your site, you will manage to lose more than five pounds in one week!

The lie can help you earn money in the very short term.

By cons, fast, dissatisfied customers will complain about your product on forums. With this kind of bad publicity, you will not succeed to sell more products. Moreover, you cannot sell any product. Your name will be treated as a scam.

Always keep your promises.

If you make services, trying to meet deadlines and to complete the work, you were asked. This is why you should not overestimate your advice (for a product) or skills (for service).

Keeping promises is the bare minimum. It would be interesting to give a little more than expected. For example, for an eBook, you could offer a bonus on the download page.

Positively surprise customer is a winning strategy over the long term.

Do better than your competitors.

It is easier to position its products or services based on those of its direct competitors. However, it will be difficult to stand out.

The smartest is to conduct research to find the weaknesses of its competitors: high prices, customer service non-existent or poor quality ...

This work should also be done according to the needs and expectations of your potential customers. You could then make an effort to detach yourself from the mass and thus take a step ahead of all your competitors.

I have not mentioned, but do this work to help you enhance your credibility, and trust your prospects.

To summarize, these three tips are nothing revolutionary, yet they are often overlooked. Do not make the same mistake.